ARRAYYAN GROUP : Arrayyan Group was established in Turkey and worked in general trade (import, export, international shipping, health, commercial mediation, building materials, production lines) and then specialized in 2010 in the fields of:

* Health under the name of Ara Medical Company
* Construction under the name of Bunyani Company

The group sought to expand its activities and services by providing all the needs of the Arab countries with the best quality and the most appropriate prices to achieve customer satisfaction. Working on creating distinctive services and products, helping emerging and medium enterprises to achieve their goals and gaining the trust of our honorable customers, increasing the number of our customers locally and internationally, collecting available information on the state of the Arab market, knowing the real requirements that the market needs and what the consumer wants to obtain from what is available or not available in the market Then provide these requirements with the best required quality and at the lowest possible price Establishing a bridge between the Turkish market and the Arab market, a master plan for Al Rayan Group